002: Citizen Lazlo!: The Lazlo Letters, Volume 2

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Don Novello

Lazlo writes again! Reprising the inspired lunacy that made his first volume of letters a New York Times bestseller, comedian Don Novello slips back into his all-American alter ego, Lazlo Toth, and provides a new round of correspondence with politicians, celebrities, and royalty.

It's a quirky cultural history, social satire with a twist. Here are letters of congratulation-to newly elected Ronald Reagan ( This is my dream come true! ) and letters of outrage-to Pepsi ( Take the Madonna commercial off the air! ). Letters filled with fresh ideas-proposing to Swanson a Fit for a President Microwave Dinner series, including the Jimmy Carter Camp David Accord Style Fried Chicken and Grits. And letters of advice-how Coca-Cola should handle the pubic hair in the can of Coke reference during the Thomas hearings.

And the best part: the replies.

CITIZEN LAZLO! Over 100 new letters. We missed you. 61,000 copies in print.