Bosch Automotive Handbook - 9th Edition

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Robert Bosch GmbH

All about automotive engineering in a pocketbook

The first incarnation of the Automotive Handbook was published in 1932 by Robert Bosch GmbH. Since then, the book has increased in size and stature to be considered an indispensable reference source of precise information on the subject of automotive technology. With this ninth English-language edition, the book has been revised and extended throughout into a larger format designed for ease of use by the professional automotive technician.

Contents - central themes (selection)

  • Physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, mathematics, materials, operating fluids, machine parts, joining and bonding techniques
  • Internal-combustion engines, engine cooling, air-intake systems, turbochargers and superchargers, exhaust-gas system
  • Emission-control and diagnosis legislation, exhaust-gas measuring techniques
  • Emission-control and diagnosis legislation
  • Management for spark-ignition engines, manifold injection, gasoline direct injection, alternative gasoline-engine operation
  • Management for diesel engines, common rail, start-assist systems
  • Hybrid drives, fuel cell
  • Fundamentals of vehicle engineering, motor-vehicle dynamics, vehicle acoustics, vehicle aerodynamics
  • Suspension, wheel suspension, wheels, tires, steering, brake systems
  • Antilock braking system, driving-dynamics control system
  • Vehicle bodies, lighting equipment
  • Vehicle electrical systems, starter batteries, drive batteries, electrical machines, alternators
  • ECU, automotive networking, buses, architecture of electronic systems, sensors
  • Driver-assistance systems, computer vision, Adaptive Cruise Control