Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber

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Bimisi Tayanita

Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber is the fifth of five books that make up Season One.

Sumguyen has always had a thick mane of hair, in the summer of 2016 he decided to grow a beard. Deep into month three he started to look like an armpit with eyeballs.

It was a sultry August night in Old Town Scottsdale as Bimisi and Sumguyen made their way from one bar to another. They took pause to to enjoy the rhythms of a homeless crooner who was soulfully picking his guitar. When Sumguyen threw a five into his tip jar the artist looked up, thanked him with a nod and said, That is a beautiful beard. My friend Brenda has a beard just like that, but hers doesn't talk. A fair amount of beer sprayed from Bimisi's nose...and just like that they had their subject matter for the final book of Season One.

The five books included in the Reach Around Books Season One Box Set include:

  • Suzy Likes to Look at Balls
  • Come Swing with Us!
  • Spank the Monkey Lends a Hand
  • Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber
  • Put Tony's Nuts in Your Mouth!

Through the timeless power of double entendre, Reach Around Books will have the reader in tears of laughter while to any juvenile listener they are completely innocent. If you are offended by humor, don't buy our books. If your kid is offended by our books, that implies they understand terms only found in the Urban Dictionary...You failed as a parent long before Reach Around Books came into your life.