Come The Morning

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Shannon Drake

From award-winning author Shannon Drake comes a magnificent new novel. An extraordinary saga rich history of twelfth century Scotland, Come the Morning shimmers with the passions of men and women swept up in the wars of the Highlands, the deadly intrigues of kings, and the ageless yearnings of desire. . .

In the days when Scotland lay under siege--from the Vikings who sailed down from the North and the Norman English who brought their armies up from the South--King David sought to unite his people into one nation. For this, he needed loyal warriors who would fight with their blood and hearts. Waryk de Graham soon proved the greatest of these fighters, and was knighted Lord Lion. With his allegiance sworn to King David, Lord Lion was destined to live a Scottish chieftain's fife. But this honored position came with a price: a wife chosen for him. . .a reluctant Viking bride.

Daughter of a Gaelic noblewoman and a Viking warlord, Mellyora MacAdin had an imagination that blazed with dreams of ancient myths and tales of adventure. After her father's death, she ruled her ancestral lands like a Valkyrie--riding like the wind, wielding a sword, and bowing to no man. She had already pledged her heart when she received King David's decree: marry the fierce Lord Lion.

As the gates of Mellyora's fortress swung open, Lord Lion rode through. He had come to claim his bride, possess her, and beget sons with her. Mellyora had sworn to resist this barbarian nobleman, only to find herself slowly becoming an unwilling captive to his compelling power. Soon, she was a woman consumed by desire in a primitive highlands invaded by marauders.

Yet until the mistrust between husband and wife died, love could not be born. And with her loyalties divided, betrayal--even of the man who kept her in his thrall-could still sweep them both into destruction. Now, Mellyora must decide where her devotion truly lies, as she discovers the savagery in her own family's blood. . .and the secrets of her husband's heart.

Sweeping in scope, meticulously researched, and beautifully told, Come The Morning is as majestic and captivating as the land it portrays. Master storyteller Shannon Drake brings ancient Scotland vividly to life in this breathtaking tale of splendor and savagery, of legends born and heroes made, and of a tempestuous union that will spawn the next legendary Scots clan-the Grahams.