Cuck Storm Horizon (Reluctant Cuckold)

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David McManus

Dave Martens has to fill in for his boss and deliver the presentation of his career. All the while knowing that his young wife Ashley is back in New York with her new lover Mike in their marriage bed. Mike, the guy Dave met in a cuckold chat room, whom Ashley believes is an old friend from summer camp. The real challenges await Dave upon his return. Mikes woven himself into the fabric of Daves marriage. Hes taken over Daves bedroom and wants to dunk him in the cuckold deep-end. Dave resolves to stand up for himself, hoping a big heart-to-heart with Ashley will pull the brakes on this runaway train. Meanwhile he must pretend everythings perfect. As they go out on the town with another couple, attend a family cookout. Even just saying hello to his doorman becomes a trial as Dave struggles to project normalcy. But his troubles are just beginning. Mike has a birthday coming up, and Ashley has an unusual gift in mind. The story of Cuck Storm Horizon begins the morning after the end of McManuss first novel, Reluctant Cuckold.