David Livingstone: The truth behind the legend

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Rob Mackenzie
1St Edition

Livingstone is perhaps the best-known missionary of them all. His attempts to find the source of the Nile and his famous meeting with Henry Morton Stanley have become the stuff of legend.

The truth behind the legend, however, is even more compelling. Drawing extensively from Livingstone's personal notes and letters, Rob Mackenzie unfolds the intensely human story of a man with a vision - to set souls free from slavery, both physically and spiritually, and to open up Africa to Christianity and lawful commerce

Livingstone has come to be regarded as a figure purely based on a few events, lost in legend, yet his tomb inscription reads 'Brought by faithful hands over land and sea here rests David Livingstone - missionary, traveller, philanthropist... for 30 years his life was spent in an unwearied effort to evangelise the native races, to explore the undiscovered secrets, to abolish the desolating slave trade of Central Africa where with his last words he wrote all I can add in my solitude, is, may heaven's rich blessing come down on every one, American, English, or Turk, who will help to heal this open sore of the world. An amazing story awaits you on the first page.