Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Led Zeppelin: Classic Rock Wisdom from the Greatest Band of All Time

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Author, Benjamin Darling, revisits his favorite subject, Led Zeppelin. in the newly revised Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Led Zeppelin. The book has been completely redesigned, with more quotes from band members, expanded song lyrics, glorious new illustrations, and the full text of every song featured in the book is provided at the back of the book.

Expanding on the original, the revised edition of Everything I Need to Know I learned From Led Zeppelin features the lyrics of and quotes from Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. Their magical, dreamy and overwhelmingly positive message provide the reader newly minted aphorisms and freshly conceived maxims on the timeless topics of life, love and happiness. All this great advice is wittily presented and cleverly illustrated with children's primer/classic rock art mash-ups.

Reader's will find deep wisdom and profound poetry in the lyrics featured in Everything I Need to Know I learned From Led Zeppelin; part self-help, part anthology, and part philosophical treatise, the book is an exercise, through words and whimsical pictures in free thought, the type of thought many have experienced laying back on their bed staring at a record album cover.

Accolades for the first edition:

- My favorite book ever!! Its' especially funny if you grew up with Led Zeppelin! Very clever Rock wisdom! You will love it!

- Such a cute take on well beloved classic rock songs. Nice gift for anyone who loves Led Zeppelin, or deep thoughts for meditation.

- Clever and can induce flashbacks.

Important February dates in Led Zeppelin history:

February 1969 - Led Zeppelin enters Billboard Top 40

February 1973 - Houses of the Holy released

24 February 1975 Physical Graffiti released

24 February 2016 Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Led Zeppelin

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