Food Hourglass

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Dr Kris Verburgh

Pub Date: 2014-04-10 Pages: 384 Language: English Publisher:. Harper Collins UK Stay younger for longer and get the body you've always dreamed of Join the health revolution taking the world by storm This is a revolutionary new look! at how food influences the way we age. Based on the latest scientific discoveries about nutrition and the ageing process. The Food Hourglass shows you how to slow down the signs of ageing through what you eat. and lose weight in the process. This book is an international number 1 bestseller in Europe. having sold over 250.000 copies in one year in the Netherlands alone. Written and developed by Dr Kris Verburgh. it addresses health and weight loss from a unique new angle. namely 'biogerontology' (the science of the ageing process). and introduces a revolutionary new food model. the food hourglass. Say goodbye to the outdated food plate and food p...