Jacques Garcia: Decorating in the French style

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Franck Ferrand

After designing private interiors for distinguished clients worldwide, Jacques Garcia subsequently set about decorating some of the most popular establishments in Paris - from the Hotel Costes, the Laduree tearoom on the Champs Elysees and the new Fouquet's, to the brasserie La Grande Armee and L'Avenue. But his masterpiece is the Norman chateau Le Champ de Bataille, in which every detail contributes to the formulation of a new style: the Garcia style.
In mid-career, Jacques Garcia invites us to explore an oeuvre in continuous development in which the marvels of the past have been revisited with an eye to the present. A magician of mood, Garcia is expert at keeping spectators spellbound.
Here, extensively illustrated, is the first work entirely devoted to this outstanding interior designer. In it we share the joys to be derived from a certain art of living a la francaise, in the timeless tradition of the grand style .