Kate: A Biography

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Marcia Moody
Export ed

Theperfect book for admirers of this remarkable young woman,this biographymarks a crucial moment in the history of the British royal line

With the long hoped-for announcement of Kate's pregnancy, popular sentiment towards the British royal family has rarely been higher. At the center of this upsurge in affection is a woman who has captured the heart of a nation and who, at the side of her husband, Prince William, is ushering in a new dawn for the United Kingdom's reigning family. For their first child, regardless of gender, will succeed William to the throne, due to planned amendments to the rules of succession to the British Crown. This biography examines the woman who has done so much to revitalize the public image of the royal family, covering her early years, her family, her time at St. Andrews University, her meeting Prince William, their early relationship and its trials, the wedding, her new official role, her style, and, of course, her pregnancy.