Liberty Lee's Tail of Independence

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Liberty Lee is a patriotic mouse who has led an extraordinary life. Rather than spending his time running around and eating cheese, he helped our Founding Fathers create America. And now hes telling his tail in Liberty Lees Tail of Independence. Written and illustrated by bestselling authors Peter and Cheryl Barnes, Liberty Lees Tail of Independence follows Liberty Lee as he participates in the pivotal moments of Americas birth. From reminiscing about his mous-cestors settling Jamestown to participating in the Boston Tea Party to helping his friend Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration of Independence, Liberty Lee delights and educates children as he teaches them about the Pilgrims, King George, the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers! In addition to entertaining children, Liberty Lees Tail of Independence also includes teaching tools throughout the book to help parents and teachers educate their little ones about the key people, battles, and concepts that take center stage in our nations founding. Featuring a summary of the Declaration of Independence in rhyming verse and a find the eagle activity throughout the book, Liberty Lees Tail of Independence will fascinate and enlighten any child from 5 to 8 years old.