No Going Back

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Jayne Ann Krentz
First Edition

Two exciting novels by one talented New York Times bestselling author, together for the first time in a single volume.

Executive Elizabeth Cabot knows when to cut her losses--and she runs her personal life the same way. So when she learns that Jack Fairfax has deceived her, she's determined to end their romantic relationship. But breaking up their business deal is trickier--after all, they have a signed contract. And while she's still trying to disentangle herself from Jack's client company, Excalibur, they discover a lethal act of sabotage that could put them both out of business--for good.

If she can help Jack save Excalibur, she'll save her own company from losing a fortune. Putting her emotions aside, she joins him in the search for the scientist who's disappeared with a valuable new crystal that could revolutionize the high-tech industry. She'll go in, solve the problem, and get out. But working so closely with Jack, she's finding it harder and harder to deny the passion she feels. And now, with millions of dollars at stake, Elizabeth begins to worry about an entirely different sort of risk.

Life is tough enough these days for Lydia Smith, licensed Para-archaeologist. Still reeling from a seriously nasty incident in an alien tomb, she is obliged to work part-time in Shrimpton's House of Ancient Horrors, a very low-budget museum. She has a plan to get her career back on track, but it isn't going well--things keep getting in the way.

For instance, the dead body that she discovers in one of the sarcophagus exhibits. Or how about finding out that her new client, Emmett London, is one of the most dangerous men in the city? That isn't helping matters either. But what really puts a crimp in Lydia's plan is her own unfortunate attraction to Emmett, and the exciting, unsettling knowledge that he feels the same way about her...