Rush Revere and the First Patriots: Time-Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans (Audio CD)

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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Revere rides again! Saddle up with Rush Limbaughs really good pal for a new time-travel adventure.

Whoa there, young historians! Before we go rush, rush, rushing off anywhere, Id like a moment. Im Liberty, Rush Reveres loquacious equine companionhis trusty talking horse! Always at the ready to leap from the twenty-first century into Americas past, thats me. When he says Lets go! Im so there. Im jazzed, Im psyched, Im

Ah, excuse me, Liberty?

Yeah, Rush?

Usually you say oh no, not again! and while were in colonial Boston, can I try the baked beans?

Okay, fineyou do the talking. Ill just be over here, if you need me.

Well, hes sulking now, but I couldnt be your tour guide across time without Liberty! His name says it all: the freedom we celebrate every July Fourth with fireworks and hot dogs (and maybe some of those baked beans). But how did America get free? How did thirteen newborn colonies tell the British king where he could stick his unfair taxes?

Jump into the bustling streets of Boston in 1765, where talk of revolution is growing louder. I said LOUDER. Youll have to SHOUT to be heard over the angry cries of Down with the king! and Repeal the Stamp Act! that fill the air. Youll meet fierce supporters of liberty like Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and my idol, Paul Revere, as they fearlessly defy British rule. Its an exciting, dangerous, turbulent, thrilling time to be an Americanand exceptional young patriots like you wont want to miss a minute. Lets ride!