The Witch of Hebron: A World Made by Hand Novel (World Made by Hand Novels)

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James Howard Kunstler

Renowned social commentator and best-selling author James Howard Kunstlers sequel to World Made by Hand, expands on his vision of post-oil society in America in this suspenseful, darkly amusing story with touches of the fantastic in the mode of Washington Irving (Booklist).

In the tiny hamlet of Union Grove, New York, the electricity has flickered off, the Internet is a distant memory, and the government is little more than a rumor. Travel is horse-drawn and farming is back at the center of life, but Union Grove is no pastoral haven. Wars are fought over dwindling resources and illness is a constant presence. Bandits roam the countryside, preying on the weak and a sinister cult threatens to shatter the towns fragile stability.

In a novel that is both shocking yet eerily convincing, Kunstler seamlessly weaves hot-button issues such as the decline of oil and the perils of climate change into a compelling narrative of violence, religious hysteria, innocence lost, and love found.