Trees of North America

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Alan Mitchell

This lavishly illustrated book provides a highly informative and detailed guide to the trees of North America.

Each highly detailed, full color entry shows all aspects of a particular kind of tree to make identification as easy and accurate as possible. These include overall appearance of the tree through the changing seasons, leaf shape, male and female flowers, and seed forms, and also cover variations within the species.

A special feature of this book is the careful attention to bole and crown appearance often a more effective method of identification than by outline alone. The artwork is based on living specimens, and numerous subspecies are shown, as well as cultivars and clones.

Packed with both color illustrations and detailed black and white line drawings, this book includes a fascinating practical section on planting and conservation.

Written by the outstanding dendrologist Alan Mitchell and illustrated by tree artist David More, this book is an authoritative reference work and a tribute to the rich variety of trees found in North America.